about sharon

How I discovered the key to healthy communication in tough "make or break" moments.

I grew up in a family of brothers and then i became an engineer

In other words, I've spent most of my life living and working with men.

And that's what makes me so great at helping women with their relationships with men. Because I have a lot of male relationships!

But things haven't always gone smoothly for me.

I've walked away from more than one job because my relationship with my boss became unsalvageable.

And I nearly walked away from my marriage because I didn't see a way out of the conflict and hostility in our relationship.

And then I discovered that I could speak up for myself without alienating my people.

My marriage got a lot easier when I stopped trying to choose between being liked and being heard.

This is the work I guide my clients through in Respected + Connected.

If you want to be more liked AND more heard in your relationships I can share tools that will get you there.

the truth about tough relationships

You have the power to make a difference in your relationships...

...it only takes one person to break unhealthy conflict patterns and communicate more effectively.

what we do

Three steps to revolutionize your relationships.


Decide what you want

Slow down and get specific about what you want and need.


see more clearly

Discover why you are stuck and what you can control so that you can take actions that make a difference.


Commit to Keep Talking

As you learn and practice the Keep Talking Framework™ tough conversations become more productive and less tenuous.

it's time to level up

Upgrade your communication skills by taking the Keep Talking Self Assessment