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When relationships are hard, people will say to suck it up or get out but YOU DESERVE BETTER

"don't rock the boat" is terrible advice for relationships that matter

When I was struggling in my marriage I didn't know where to turn.

People would say either get out or deal with it, because trying to make things better never works.

We tried to figure out who's fault it was that we were stuck, but both of us were too stubborn to see our part in the dynamic.

I finally figured out that our marriage could get better, but only if I was willing to go first.

I've read more books on relationships and communication than anyone I know.

None of the books I read told me just how messy it is to make things better, even when you're doing it right.

In my coaching programs and courses, I break down all the best relationship advice in a way that works for women just like you. Women who are willing to do the work and want to get it right.

If you're ready for a better way to a better relationship, I'm here for you!

the truth about tough relationships

You have the power to make big changes in your marriage...

...it only takes one person to speak up and communicate more effectively.

ready for change?

Three questions to improve your communication and revolutionize your relationships.


What do you want?

Slow down and get specific about what you want and need.


Why don't you have it?

Identify what's getting in the way of working together as a team in your marriage?


How can you get it?

Use the Keep Talking Framework™ to navigate tough conversations, resolve conflict, and start feeling close again.

it's time to speak up

Learn the five biggest mistakes people make when they start a hard conversation.

Especially when they've been trying so hard to get it right.