Communication is the key to a Fulfilling relationship

so what does that actually mean...and how do you do it?

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For me, the very closest thing to true freedom in a relationship is the ability to bring up a concern and discuss it without worrying about the fallout.

The first time I tried to stand up for myself at work, I ended up in the bathroom in tears. I was 22 years old, presenting a training for a group of middle-aged men.

Five years later, the same thing was happening at home when I shared a concern or complaint with my husband.

We saw 5 marriage counselors in the first 7 years of our marriage. Yet we still fell into the same dead-end conflict patterns every time I tried to share my feelings & concerns.

At our lowest point, asking my husband to empty the garbage can led to one of the biggest fights of our marriage.

It wasn't until I stopped trying to fix my approach and started embracing my imperfections & strengths that our relationship shifted.

That's why I help women see that imperfect communication is not the problem.

You have as many chances as you need to get your point across when you understand how communication is an art of knowing what you want, sharing openly, repairing miscommunication, and continuing to share and repair.

I'd love to support you on your journey!

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